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Centre for New Antivirals and Antineoplastics
Suported by the Ministry of Education, Czech Republic
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This Centre was formed in order to facilitate research in the field of new antiviral and antineoplastic agents. Successful completion of this collaborative project requires the combined technology, reagents and interdisciplinary expertise of all participating laboratories and could not be achieved by any one laboratory alone or in any single participating institution. This complex project addressing various issues of design, synthesis and testing of antiviral and cytostatic compounds and overcoming drug resistance requires a critical mass, both in terms of supplies and in terms of experienced research personnel that can only be achieved in a truly integrated research centre, supported by extensive international collaboration. The team of participating laboratories has been assembled to have complementary expertise and contains experts from various fields with a proven track record and already established collaborations. We therefore expect that the interactions of this group will not only provide an added value, but be truly synergistic.

The research in the field of new antiviral and cytostatic compounds has become one of the most competitive areas in recent years. Several recent spectacular successes of Czech medicinal chemistry provide solid background for further research activities in the field. However, without integrated approach, combining selected experts from core fields (medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, molecular virology and oncology), individual groups will have little chance to stay competitive in larger international context.

The existing close collaboration between the individual groups of the proposed Centre will further increase during the course of the work, thereby enhancing their competitiveness. Through frequent communication, regular meetings, and active exchange of students and other research personnel, we intend to create a stimulating and supportive atmosphere, where information and ideas can flow freely. Such interaction increases the productivity of the laboratories not only via obvious synergy of sharing information and reagents, but also via more indirect and subtle ways through experiencing research cultures and practices in scientific groups from different laboratories from the Czech Republic.

Centrum is Suported by the Ministry of Education, Czech Republic, project No. 1M0508.